BreAnne CustodioLF-Logo-USA

Nicknames: Bre
Local spots: San Diego, it’s all fun
Sponsors: LF
Shortboard: 5’8″ Rusty
Favorite places to travel: Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Bali
Favorite wave: Changu and blacks on the right day
Favorite surfers: Kelly Slater, Carissa Moore, and Taj Burrow. I once had a dream I got to jump into Taj’s body and felt what it was like to surf like him.
Favorite local surfer: Ed Custodio
Favorite foods: Ice cream, things sautéed with butter, chocolate. I love eating as much as I love surfing.
Favorite maneuver: Barrels
Why do I surf: Why would anyone not surf? When you surf, you ride energy waves in their physical state. It feels great.
Goals in surfing: I’m a mom and I think it would be pretty cool to figure out how to launch an air and teach my daughter how to do one some day. Also, I’d love to go on a surf trip to Europe.
Profession: I’m an artist focussed primarily on “coastal lifestyle”. Please check out my website, createdbybre I have prints and originals available. I’m also a career marketer in the life sciences industry.