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Nickname: Dberk, Berky, Snappy D

Hometown: San Diego, CA
Home Break: I wish I could tell you
Sponsors: Liquid Foundation, Xanadu Surfboards
Favorite Surfer: Dane Reynolds
Why do I surf? Whoever surfs knows why/the feeling they get from it. Natural High!
Goals in Surfing? Never lose the passion, keep improving, keep living the dream, keep having fun, and hopefully keep making heats, YEW!
Snapchat Celebrity? Yes as crazy as it sounds…My full-time job s making Snapchat Stories.
How? Working with brands and making good content for there Snapchat account and always making funny stories on mine as well.
Before Snapchat? Starting surfing at 12 years old…been obsessed ever since. Been competing since 13…NSSA,WSA Primes,Pro Juniors, and then did the QS here and there. Snapchat blew up only a year ago. But still surfing everyday and competing in local events/QS when I can.

Favorite place to surf: All over Indonesia…been(4 times) Take me back PLEASE!!

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