Jenna Clark

Hometown: San Diego, Ca.
Hobbies: Reading, gaming, rainbow looming, skating, and anything surfing
Favorite wave: Trestles – Uppers
Best Contest results: 2014 3rd place U10 Sano, 2013 4th place Surf for the Sea – Micro groms, 2014 6th place U12 Sano
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Restaurant: Bamboo Sushi, La Mesa
Favorite Maneuvers: Big carves, cutbacks, floaters
Favorite Surfers: Lakey Petersen, Carissa Moore, Bethany Hamilton, Sally Fitzgibbons, and Malia Manuel
Favorite local surfers: Sean and Ryan Santiago, the LF crew, and anyone having fun
Favorite Athlete: Mike Trout
Sponsors: Liquid Foundation Surf shop and Sauritch Surfboards
Why do you surf? I was inspired to start surfing by watching Soul Surfer, the movie about Bethany Hamilton. It quickly became a passion. Nowadays, I couldn’t imagine life without surfing.
Goals in Surfing: To just keep getting better? dream would be to one day make the ASP Tour.