Kyle Knox

Nickname: Labrador
Local Spots: Imperial Beach (too polluted), and few other gems
Sponsors: LF, Oakley, Justin Ternes Surfboards, My Family and Wine
Favorite Wave: When it is not polluted IB, Lances Right, and several other places that people will be mad a me if I say:)
Favorite Surfers: John Florence, Dan Malloy, Rob Machado, Taj Burrow, Andy Irons, Jordy Smith
Favorite Local Surfers: Nick Jiampa, Travis Molina, Keith McCloskey
Favorite Foods: Sushi, Dry aged Steak
Favorite Maneuver: Tube Time and speedline carves
Goals in Surfing: Surf at a high level, injury free for a long time
This is why I surf: If I did not surf I would go crazy! It is the best thing in the world!