Nick Jiampa

Nick name: Wrench
Hometown: San Diego
Local Break: IB
Sponsors: Lf and Matuse hooks me up sometimes with amazing suits
Favorite wave(s): 80’s
New Surfboards: They’re great for aquatic aerobics and they make a good staging platform for underwater basket weaving
Favorite pro surfers: Slater, dane, parko
Favorite local surfers: Anyone who is in the water to have fun
Favorite food: Mexican
B Favorite restaurant: El tapatio and Cbc
Favorite maneuver: Fly aways
Why I love to surf: I’m not sure anymore. It’s just what I do. It’s too fun not to do and I love the ocean I guess.
Goals in surfing: Continue to have fun with it and pass the love of the ocean on to my kids


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