Toby Ogden

Nickname: T Raw
Hometown: Encinitas
Local break: Seaside
Sponsors: Liquid Foundation, Froth Surf Wax, Grombomb
Favorite wave: Pit Stops
Surfboards: 5’6 Wisdom Surfboards
Favorite place to travel: Best place ever.. Australia- Gold Coast
Favorite surfers: Bruce Irons, Andy Irons, Chris Ward
Favorite Local surfers: So many rippers.. Gabe Garcia, Brent Riley, Josh Hromin, Che Stang, groms too.
Favorite food: Healthy stuff.. PALEO
Favorite maneuver: cutback to tail slide in the pocket – whatever that is.
Why do I surf: Surfing just makes everything better
Goals in surfing: I feel like I can still progress, I want to just keep going till I’m dead, so I guess the goal is to never stop.